Special sessions


1. "Image and signal processing using learning-optimization", by Dr Amir Nakib (University Paris Est, France), email: nakib@u-pec.fr 

2. "Control parameters adaptation", by Dr. Gregor Papa (IJS, Slovenia), Dr. Janez Brest (University of Maribor, Slovenia), email: gregor.papa@ijs.si

3. "Surrogate model-based optimization", by Dr. Mathieu Balesdent (ONERA, France), Dr. Loic Brevault (ONERA, France), email: mathieu.balesdent@onera.frloic.brevault@onera.fr 

4. "Heterogeneous parallel programing for optimization and learning", by Dr. Omar Abdelkafi (University of Lille, INRIA Lille Nord Europe, France), email: omar.abdelkafi@univ-lille1.fr 

5. "Electric vehicle routing problems", by Dalila Boudebous & Jaouad Boukachour (Normandy University). email dalila.boudebous@univ-lehavre.frjaouad.boukachour@univ-lehavre.fr

6. "Parallel and distributed metaheuristics and machine learning", by Jan Gyms (Univ. Mons, Belgium), Nouredine Melab (Univ. Lille & INRIA, France), Peter Korosec (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia), Boris Naujoks (TH Koln, Germany)email: jan.gmys@umons.ac.be, nouredine.melab@univ-lille1.fr, peter.korosec@ijs.si, boris.naujoks@th-koeln.de 

7. "Optimization of production, logistics, and services: application to real cases", by H. Chehade (OPTA, France, F. Yalaloui, L. Amodeo (UTT, France). email chehade@opta-lp.com 

8. "Localization problem and computing in wireless sensor networks", by F. Chehade (ICD, Troyes, France). email farah.chehade@utt.fr 

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